The Chagres Challenge 

       Not to get cheesy… But it was challenging!!! At 5:30 AM on the dot, a van that looked ready to go on a safari came to pick us up from our hotel in downtown Panama City. From there, we were taken up a winding and rocky road. It was one way and–seriously–TURBULENT! Two or so hours after that, we arrived to our destination and, after breakfast, we then started our hike: almost 5 hours of crossing rivers, pushing ourselves uphill, downhill, sidestepping potholes and ditches falling down the side of the mountain. Not to mention the HEAT and burrs that took hours to get rid of afterwards. Needless to say, we dived in the river when we arrived, only to be whisked away onto the rafting portion of this adventure. Again, 5-6 hours of pushing forward or back, smashing against rocks and nearly tipping over! I had to forgo my phone for this whole endeavors, so no pictures of the beautiful river :(… But the scenes were lovely and we passed by many villages where adorable children threw about fire crackers to get our attention.

Finally we arrived to the place where motor canoes took us the rest of the way. By night time we had arrived to where the same van would return us to our hotel. An all day, grueling and almost soul crushing endeavor that, for sure, I would do again in a heart beat! If you’re into adventure and pushing yourself to your limits, the Chagres Challenge is for you! Just don’t believe the website! 🙂

On the road at the crack of dawn, en route to the Chagres Challenge!
Shot of the jungle on the way! Beautiful scenes all throughout!
Edgar and Raul are two of the capable men leading this expedition. Just ahead is the most important part of this drive: the food truck!
Stopping for a quick bite while the horses carrying the rafts are prepared! Still early morning.
From here I had to put my phone aside, as it would prove a hinderance. From then on, we started the challange!
After surviving the challange, took this shot of the moon over the Chagres River as we waited on our Safari vans!

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