Facebook Politics

Facebook Politics


Social Media politics, as a concept, aggravates me. It’s a common concept, and it is extremely prevalent in society today. It is the comfort of letting forth your deepest, darkest political opinions behind the safety of a computer screen. It is posting statuses on Facebook and pictures on Instagram as a way of expression your “intellectual” political opinion. And how is this post any different? I am not expression a political opinion, rather, my criticism of it. But does this make me better than the rest? I will leave that to the jury to decide.

Facebook politics is something I personally like to refer to as “Bandwagon politics”. What is the popular opinion is usually what people will follow. What makes you look cool will be what you gravitate towards. What seems easy to reason with will be what you decide to preach. What makes you seem like the better person is the badge you will wear with honor.

Basically, you join the bandwagon that suits you and, in the world of Social Media, there are many, many, many bandwagons.


Facebook politics looses its legitimacy to this ragged idea of “joining in on something because it’s the trending topic”. Things trending is just one of many things that affect the forming of intellectual opinions. If you do not follow the trends, then you are the one who breaks away from the mold. A long time ago that would have made you the cool guy, the Rebel. However, on Social Media, if you do not follow popular opinion, then all it does is put a target on your back for people to attack, people who are protected by a computer screen. They know you are not going to hunt them down and make them stand by their statements made on Facebook.

Social Media is a safety blanket for bullies and trolls, and those two types of people, though often not taken seriously, can affect public opinion. After all, why would you want to be attacked by these trolls for standing by your opinion when you could avoid that and join one of the bandwagons?

I do not mean to make this particular post very long. I think I have covered the most important base. However, Facebook politics is a huge issue. Intellectual thought is fading and people following what is popular is on the rise. That is not a good thing when it comes to politics. Don’t get me wrong, Social Media is built on people’s opinions. But the purity of those opinions is totally lost to trends and trolls. That’s the scary part.

Basically, maybe log out of Facebook sometimes and join in on actual conversation. People are far less ballsy with their opinions when speaking face to face, after all.


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