We, the people?

We, the people? 


I’ve posted little snippets of my thoughts on the election on my Facebook and Instagram. However, no small status can shape what I’m really feeling, even if I’ve tried to convey that in concise words. I told my father earlier today over the phone that I didn’t want to talk about it, and I shun conversation about it because that is the only way I can keep from flying off the handle. Thing is, I want to talk about it, because it is worth talking about. But I don’t want to break it down and analyze it. Instead, let’s try and figure out how to get through it–live with it.

I also do not want to discuss the implications of electing a monster like Donald Trump for president. We know what they are. We, the women. We, the minorities. We who have been attacked in his rhetoric and by his supporters. Not we, the people, but we who have had to sit in fear of what will happen to us and our families following this election. We know what the implications are. So I won’t get into the details. You need only look to your friends, your dear ones, who fall in the category of people he has attacked to know exactly what those implications are.

A friend of mine told me to be careful, that she was concerned for me, for my safety. I  confess I thought about it. I tried my best today to move through my day as normal, and was not treated differently. But the concern, the fear was there. I am a young, Indian woman in America, and to those who supported the monster, it does not matter that I was born here. It does not matter that I was educated here, raised here. All they see is brown. And all they see is someone to attack. Now that their sex symbol is in the big seat, what is stopping them from attacking me? I should have every reason to fear.

But here’s the thing: I am not afraid. I was horrified, yes. Disgusted? Absolutely! Disappointed? You bet! But scared? No. I do not fear ignorance, and I want to say that to everyone who is experiencing the same fear as me. This is not a time to wallow in fear, this is time to rise in the purest, and most peaceful way possible. This is the time to embrace yourself in every way possible. That is how I feel, not fear. If we want to stand by our anthem, the land of the free and the home of the brave, then we have to stand by it in all respects. It should not be we, the victims. Those who supported the monster need to know that we are not here to be branded by them, we are here to exist and thrive, which is our right.

So it begins, the presidency of Donald Trump, a man with nothing but hatred in his bones. There are many things that we need to consider coming out of this, the main one being what we are going to do when faced with the hatred of his supporters. Do not be fooled, it’s already happened. A monster and  his minions, and there are millions of them. But there are also millions of us who stand for peace, love, light, and hope. It’s time we start to let that spread far and wide, from sea to shining sea.

I am not here to tell you how to think. I am only relaying my thoughts. Your opinions are your own. If you are Trump supporter, all I am going to say is I hope you can face your female and minority friends after voting for him. I hope you can look them in the eye and explain why they mean so little to you. I do not wish ill on Trump’s presidency, rather I pray the negativity we are expecting never happens. I pray it goes smoothly, for our sakes. I pray that he proves us wrong. I do not want to “fight back”, I want to spread the love, the peace. We need that now, in these dark times, more than ever.

This does not need to be the beginning of our own dystopian film trilogy. If we know we are good at heart, then we can conquer hate with love, and darkness with light. We do not need a singular Mockingjay, a face of a violent revolution. We, the people, are the Mockingjays, and we will take this country back with peace and love, that’s our revolution. Life stops for no one, keep living it!

“My soul may set in darkness, it will rise to perfect light. I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.” -Sarah Williams


4 thoughts on “We, the people?

    1. I have been personally attacked, called a terrorist, told to go back to my country (which I was born in America so really all they’re telling me is to go back to my state of birth, which would be California…), and one Trump supporter even told me that he hopes I am ‘taught a lesson’. I have no idea what that means, but it cannot be anything good. Having said that, if you are a Trump supporter, I do not immediately denounce you as a racist and ignorant. I have friends who support him, I would not be keeping such company if I thought such things of all Trump supporters. “Someone like you”, meaning what? I never ousted anyone or named names. I never distinguished between gender or creed. When I say ‘attacked by his supporters’ the implication is those supporters of his who do partake in racist acts. Apologies if it sounded as though I was generalizing. There is more than one time where I was attacked, and I won’t list them all. And as a woman, ‘grab ’em by the pussy’ is an attack enough on me and my gender. Since this is through a textual conversation, I do hope my response doesn’t come off as standoffish or rude, I only mean to inform.


  1. Also, not to be a pain in the ass, but…

    “I do not wish ill on Trump’s presidency, rather I pray the negativity we are expecting never happens. I pray it goes smoothly, for our sakes.”

    Will you acknowledge it if, at the end of his first four year term, you turned out to be dead wrong? Will you check yourself, will there be any change whatsoever to your outlook on this, on Trump himself, if you’re proven wrong by objective facts?


    1. Of course I will. I will be the happiest person on the block if his presidency turns out to be a good one. I WANT him to prove us wrong and be a good president. I love America too much to want the leader of our country to fail. I will admit in open public and on every social media that I was wrong, and that I am glad that he turned out to be a good president. At the moment, however, that is not how it is looking. I do hope it changes. There is no logical sense in wishing ill on the president because then I am wishing ill on everyone.

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