365 Islands 

       There are 365 islands of San Blas, some for tourists, some privately owned, and some owned by the government in which the tribes and/or villagers live. These are not accessible to tourists, but they are visible, and are very interesting to look at! Basically, my master plan of island hoping each day of the year has been smashed.

San Blas Islands, Panama

Ilsa Perro 

      Panama is quite known for her San Blas islands. It’s a string of 365 islands, wherein a handful are privately owned, many are homes, and a good bit are tourist spots. Ilsa Perro is one of these tourist islands. Though not the largest one, it still boasts an beautiful view of the  islands surrounding it as well as the stunning colors of the waters surrounding it! It’s a typical tropical paradise! 

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Aesthetic Beauty of Pashmina 

      For those of you who aren’t familiar with Bollywood, apologies. I don’t often find myself going on rants about anything Bollywood related, as I’m usually more content enjoying it without digging deep into to nitty gritty details. For me, Bollywood movies can be enjoyed aesthetically, and that is mainly in part of the songs.

      For those of you who do watch Bollywood movies, you know that a lot of effort is put into making the songs appear as aesthetically and audibly pleasing as possible. A lot of hype is given to men such as Sanjay Leela Bhansali (Devdas, Ram Leela, Bajirao Mastani, etc.) for the gorgeous sets and costumes of his songs. Songs such as Dola re Dola, Nagada Sang Dhol, and Deewani Mastani are so visually beautiful to watch that it literally puts us in a trance.

      That being said, I just wanted to step out for a moment to talk about the song Pashmina from the recent Bollywood romantic drama, Fitoor (meaning “passion”). This song is not only a stunning love ballad, it is also very aesthetically pleasing to watch. The set is very artistically and tastefully done, from the hanging chandeliers to the candles to the sculptures to the columns to the curtains. Everything is done so as to make this song seem as visually appealing and audibly pleasing as possible. 

       Coupled with the lovely chemistry between Aditya Roy Kapoor and Katrina Kaif, this song I have to say is one of the most visually pleasing ones to watch come to life. Katrina displays her graceful dancing amidst a romanticly artistic set, and the mood and aura is what makes this song rise to the top of my list. What is most wonderful about it is its simplicity. That proves that glitz and glamor doesn’t need to come in clutch to sell a Bollywood song. Sometimes something as simple as a very well put together set and two leads that know what they’re doing is enough. 

    That being said: hats off to Pashmina

Square Books 

          In every small town there’s that one charming book store that everyone knows about and speaks fondly of. For Oxford, Mississippi, that bookstore is Square Books. Not only is it a commonly known and beloved book store, but I find it to be a great retreat from… Well, life! 

Square Books, Oxford, Mississippi

#Tbt Roatan 

       Just posted this throwback on my Instagram! Roatan was stunning, I would love to go back! Tabyana Beach is literally the one of most picturesque locations I’ve seen. ❤️ 

Tabyana Beach, Roatan Island, Honduras


          One thing that saddens me is when I see old vessels left on the water to deteriorate. When going down a pier in Panama City, we passed by a Stillwater area where many such boats were left. One was so rotten, it was basically sinking! Though picturuesque, it’s sad to see these boats left behind, almost. As though they’ve served their purpose and are now done away with. Some, thankfully, are in good enough condition to be put to use! 

Boats on the stillwater in Panama City, Panama.

Panama City from Floor 37

            One of my favorite sites in Panama City was certainly getting to see a great view downtown from a penthouse on the 37th floor during a Christmas party. The lights were breath taking and you could hear the sounds of distant Christmas music from the streets below. I especially loved seeing the city in such a light, because it both looked like any other big city but also different, because the culture of Panama was very much alive, especially at night. 

Christmas in Panama City, Panama!